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Having been born at the Mallala Airforce base and the South Australian rally coinciding with XK70 and given 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of my first trip to a National Rally this Rally was a must. It is disappointing I haven’t driven across in an XK as we did back in 1978.

Having restored an XK120 chassis number 660224 in 363 days from several tea chests myself and my wife Leanne headed out from Perth on an adventure that has yet to end.  Exactly 1 year to the day from having purchased the car we were parked on a main street in Adelaide. In 6 weeks we covered 11,250 km and travelled via Adelaide Sydney Canberra to attend the 9th National Rally in Albury-Wodonga (the first of many Rallies attended) then Melbourne having purchased an XK140FHC and back home via Adelaide. Part of the purpose of the trip was to carry out research on SS cars and XK’s for a couple of Jaguar books I had planned.

1979 saw a quick literally non-stop trip in John Collins automatic MKVII to the Sydney National rally held at the Opera House. And you guessed another XK150 followed us home!

This fantastic 40-year adventure has seen us meet and make friends with some of the greatest people around the would that you could imagine.

Over the years we have assisted with the restoration of some 50 plus XK’s and have learnt a lot about them.

Twelve months living in the UK and many trips overseas carrying out research over the years has resulted in helping several people publishing Jaguar books and I have published 3 Jaguar books here in Australia. “Jaguar XK in Australia” “The Forerunners of JAGUAR in Australasia and S.E. Asia” and the The Jaguar XK120 in the Southern Hemisphere” The XK140 volume is on schedule for Publication this year and the XK150 volume next year. I have several other Jaguar books well advanced and in the pipeline.

Over the years several Jaguars have followed Leanne and I home!


1951 XK120 roadster chassis number 660851 purchased 1985

The Kevin Neal “supercharged” XK and class record holder at both Rob Roy and Templestowe Hill Climbs and the quickest XK at both events. A special looking car with brake cooling mods and certainly the quickest XK in Australia until the late 1960’s Given what we started with it has been a long road.

1952 XK120 roadster chassis number 660999 purchased 2010

A UK home delivered car to the son of a French count finished up in Singapore and has extensive race history in Malaya and Singapore including the Johore Grand Prix and Gap Hill Climb

1955 XK140 FHC chassis number S804502 purchased 1978

The 1955 Melbourne Motor Show car and John Bryson race car a regular and third fastest XK at Rob Roy and a runner at Albert park GP circuit. Another car with the brake cooling mods to the front wings. Heinz S comments in Catalog 1978 when it left Melbourne was “Impossible Dream” perseverance has got the car through to being ready for paint.

1957 Xk150 FHC “Tour de France” and prototype 150 “S” purchased 1984

The car was specially built in the competition department for Peter Whitehead to contest the 1957 Tour de France world rally event and was fitted with the prototype straight port head and triple SU inlet manifold and other minor mods. Purchased as a family car and used extensively by Leanne and myself through until 1992 covering some 60,000 miles including running it at the York Flying Fifty. An extensive restoration is underway, and it is all painted awaiting assembly.

Other XK’s include

RHD XK120 roadster 660765 to be fitted with LT replica body, 

LHD XK120 roadster major restoration project

RHD XK120 DHC chassis number 667247 almost finished major tidy up

LHD XK120 DHC chassis number 677551 concours restoration

LHD XK140 MC roadster S811492DN ready for paint

RHD XK140 MC FHC major restoration project

RHD XK140 MC DHC major restoration project

LHD XK140 MC DHC major restoration project

LHD XK150 “S” roadster ready for paint

Other Jaguars in the collection include:

SS100 project

3.5 litre MKIV Saloon

3.5 litre MKV DHC purchased in 1984 just up the road in Angaston from Alistair Angas

1976 XJC

1986 Lynx Eventer #22 (XJS Shooting Brake) one of 67 built and the only 3.6 with Getrag manual gearbox.

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