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Concessional Licences (Code 404)

The Jaguar Car Club of WA has been approved by the Department of Transport as a car club through which concessional licensing of older vehicles can be arranged using the Code 404 concession. The club is required to have a register of such vehicles and a club registrar to manage this process.

Concessional licences are available (with use restrictions) for any JCCWA member for any vehicle which is 25 years or older. The following attachments provide the current JCCWA procedures for obtaining a concessional licence, together with relevant Department of Transport and Council of motoring Clubs’ documents outlining conditions of the concession. All queries related to concessional licensing, including how to obtain a concessional licence for a vehicle should be directed to the Club Vehicle Examiner who may be contacted as listed in the Member Services page under Executive Committee. 

Click to download the following documents so you are fully informed about Code 404 concessional licencing of a vehicle.

1. Code 404 JCCWA Procedures August 2021.pdf

2. CMC Code 404 Handbook v4 May 2019.pdf

3. DoT FAQ Sheet for 404 Concessions.pdf

4. CMC1 Form May 2019.pdf

5. E81 Form March 2018.pdf

6. How to Register for an Impromptu Event - Updated August 2021.pdf

7. Status of a Concessional Licence if a Member Passes Away.docx.pdf

8. code_404_modified_vehicles_position August 2018.pdf

Any changes to the status or registration number of a vehicle which is currently concessionally registered should be directed to the Concessional Registrations Officer, who also who may be contacted as listed in the Member Services page under Executive Committee. Note that club fees MUST be paid by 30 June each year for concessional licences to remain valid – there is NO GRACE PERIOD.” In addition the Concessional Registrations Officer MUST be contacted prior to 30 June each year to confirm that each concessional vehicle is still on concession and to confirm its registration number.

Please note that currently the JCCWA does not support the C4C concession system.

 JCCWA Committee

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Membership benefits

  • The club has many members and sponsors that can assist with your Jaguar ownership issues.

  • The monthly General Meeting where you can socialise with other likeminded Jaguar people.
  • Receiving a copy of the club’s magazine Jaguars West in both digital and printed formats
  • Access to the Members Only section of the JCCWA website
  • Regular track education and competition days plus technical evenings.
  • The club has five model registers plus two regional registers.
  • Family friendly environment with the emphasis on ladies and children. 

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